Hire me

In case if you are looking to hire me, I’m available. I do work as  a freelancer too and can potentially help you in solving different problems. I’m not just another freelancer who designs websites.

I can do the following for you:

  • Develop (not design) websites for you which scale.
  • Provide consultation to you on software development.
  • Automate your tasks.
  • Provide you consultation on shifting to cloud.

I also give tutorials on the following topics:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python
  • Docker
  • SDN (Software Defined Networking)

You can reach out to me at : vikas dot yadav at iiitb dot org

Here are some projects which I have worked on and are live:


A complete house rental booking system build from scratch using ruby on rails. Some highlights of the system :

About Homigo: Homigo provides flats to people on sharing basis. Customers can book a bed in a fully furnished apartment/house.  It involves following:

  • Online Payment of monthly rents.
  • Dues Generation of monthly rents for customers.
  • Dues Generation for monthly rents for house owners. (It has to take care of many complex rules. Built the whole intelligence to handle that)
  • Automated Email notifications.
  • Used python here and there to hack around for automation.
  • Built an automated testing suite which runs after every commit on Bitbucket Pipelines and
    checks for errors. That helps in making sure that none of the developers break something in
    the system.

Legions of Lenovo

This project was done for Lenovo in partnership with LXG. This project helps in tracking the number of game hours played by a person on a PC. Some highlights of this project.

It detects whenever a gamer moves out of the gaming window and shifts to something else.
It only counts the time for which the player is actually playing the game, seriously!

Virtual Stock Guru

A virtual stock trading game built over ruby on rails and python. Its a stock market simulation platform and runs weekly competitions.

Spandan StockXchange

A virtual stock trading platform built over php codeigniter and python. It ran for about 30 days in 2015 and got over 2.2 lakh hits.
Some highlights of the system:

  • All stock prices were completely live. It included US and Indian markets both.
  • Had to handle a lot of hits and hence required a lot of hacks to scale the system.
  • Bot detection to prevent misuse.

Apart from this I have worked on developing numerous websites and helped people shift to docker.  I also contribute to various open source projects. You can find more info about that on my github and linkedin.