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python SimpleHTTPServer alternative

If you use python then you might have used “python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000” at some point in time to share files with your friends on LAN. Sometimes we want to share large files from one computer to another and we need it. Sometimes it also happens that you are taking a session and you need to share a large file with everyone else. SimpleHTTPServer of python is good but it’s single threaded. It can only handle one client at a time so if you want to share file with a large number of people on LAN it is a bad option. Also SimpleHTTPServer doesn’t work properly if you are sharing large files. Continue reading

Why is Python so popular despite being slow?

I came across an amazing answer for this by Alec Cawley on Quora.

What does it matter if a program runs in 100 msec instead of 1 msec, if only run it a hundred times? If it takes me 10 minutes to develop instead of 60 minutes, I have gained 3000 seconds and lost 10. Isn’t that the right way round?

The only reason for computers is to help us. By running an easy-to-write language, they help us. You need to prove the necessity for a hard-to-write language. There are such proofs – many applications really need performance.  But for the many that do not, Python is an excellent language.

Originally Answered: Why is Python in demand when it is slower than other languages?