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In quest of the perfect ROM for my OnePlus 2

Oxygen OS was great till OnePlus stopped maintaining it for OnePlus 2. They keep pushing regular updates for OnePlus 3 and 3T but it seems they have completely forgotten OP2. The only updates they do for OP2 is security patches and that too after delay of months. Android Noughat seems to be completely out of sight in the near future.

In short, I need to shift to some different ROM for my OP2. Continue reading

Switching from Oxygen OS to CyanogenMod 13, Day 1.

I have been using my OnePlus 2 for about an year now. Even though the OnePlus 2 is powered by a 3300 mAh battery the battery performance has never been very impressive. Initially after buying the phone when I was using Oxygen OS 2.* the battery performance was decent and I used to get around 5 hours screen on time but those were the days when I used a single SIM on my phone and no 4G.

In January 2016 I filled the 2nd SIM slot with Airtel 4g and that’s when Continue reading

Rooting OnePlus2 using Ubuntu.

Before you get started, let me tell you that rooting is a simple 15 mins process but it can make your life very difficult if you don’t know what you are doing so be very very careful. I did it successfully using my ubuntu 16.04 machine. This is a very brief guide to what  I did. 

Hi everyone,

So 2 days back I decided to root my oneplus 2. My phone is now 10 months old and OnePlus has some rooting friendly policies, click here for more info regarding OnePlus policies.

What was my motivation behind rooting my phone? Continue reading