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Clutch then Brake or Brake then clutch?

Well, if you have been driving for long time then I am sure you must have heard about this question many times.

I have explored this a lot, tried both strategies in after all that all my conclusions are here:

  • Brake first always when you are driving on highway or at higher speeds (above 40-50 km/h) consistently
  • In city – mix between brake first and clutch first as per your comfort.  
  • Get your leg off clutch whenever possible – even when you are in city 
  • Always always brake first when driving downhill.

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If you drive responsibly then do you suck at driving? Not really.

Today while driving back from Koramangala to Electronic City I was mocked by a friend of mine for driving slow (For the record, I was driving at above 80 kmph on a road which had a speed limit of 80kmph, and by the way no one cares about the speed limit in India ). I was amazed by the fact that it was so difficult for him to understand the fact that there’s a line between being a good driver and being a stupid driver. It saddens me how I have been mocked so many times for lecturing people regarding road safety. In India, we are taught to neglect road safety everyday. Continue reading