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Network-Stat Project

I recently started another open source project Network-Stat. Here’s some info about my project.

What is network-stat?

Network stat is a collection of scripts which collects different internet quality parameters from user systems. It can be used by organizations to monitor the quality of service for their users. After collecting this data, it can be analyzed to understand how the network is performing from client’s perspective. We can probably answer questions like these: Continue reading

Switch vs Router : They are not the same.

I have seen people using terms “Switch” and  “Router” interchangeably. But please note that they are completely different.

Switch is used to create a network whereas Router is used to link different networks.  They might look similar in appearance but they are different.

I will not explain the difference in terms of layers because that gets confusing and you have to have a good understanding of network layers for that. But to simplify things: Continue reading