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ownCloud : Your self hosted dropbox.

What is ownCloud?

In simple words, it’s a Dropbox which is setup and managed by you.

You can install ownCloud on your own server and then install ownCloud client for your laptop/mobile and seamlessly sync files just like Dropbox. Dropbox is the only decent free storage service which provides a client for linux. So if you are a linux user then this is really a blessing for you. OwnCloud also has clients for all platforms and it’s open source too. So you can modify it as per your need. Continue reading

Fastest way to get started with OpenDaylight

What is OpenDaylight?

As per wikipedia:

The OpenDaylight Project is a collaborative open source project hosted by The Linux Foundation. The goal of the project is to accelerate the adoption of software-defined networking (SDN) and create a solid foundation for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). The software is written in Java.

Sometimes installation of these tools can get a little difficult since they are not very well documented.

Easiest way to getting started with OpenDaylight Continue reading

Getting started with OpenVSwitch

There are different blogs available online which talk about how to get started with openvswitch but they don’t tell you much about the technicalities. They just give you a whole bunch of commands and somehow all of it works but if the scenario is changed a little then nothing works out. So here’s my attempt to clarify things a little more.

Here’s what I am trying to do  :

  1. Install OpenVSwitch on my system.
  2. Create 2-3 Virtual Machines and connect them directly to the network which host is a part of. That means my VM will become part of the actual Network and can be reached by any system on my LAN.

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