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Using fitbit on Oneplus 5T

I started using Fitbit Blaze in November 2017. The moment I got the new watch I realised that it the watch is not officially compatible with my Oneplus 5T. I didn’t know this before buying the watch. After struggling a lot for a few days and browsing through online forums for solutions I finally found one and it has been working really for more than 4 months for me now.

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OnePlus 2 Indian users : Please don’t install Oxygen OS 3.5.5 OTA.

Firstly the good news, OnePlus has started rolling out VoLTE support for OnePlus2 in Oxygen OS 3.5.5. The OTA has reached a very few customers in India till now and that means that it is very less likely that you might have updated your device.

If not then let me tell you this, there are network issues in this OTA which will render your phone useless. You will face signal drops more than twice every minute and you won’t be able to place any calls or use data. If you are using Jio then you are going to face this problem for sure. I updated my phone last night by downloading the ROM from their website and started facing the problems. So please wait till OnePlus releases a fix.

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Switching from Oxygen OS to CyanogenMod 13, Day 1.

I have been using my OnePlus 2 for about an year now. Even though the OnePlus 2 is powered by a 3300 mAh battery the battery performance has never been very impressive. Initially after buying the phone when I was using Oxygen OS 2.* the battery performance was decent and I used to get around 5 hours screen on time but those were the days when I used a single SIM on my phone and no 4G.

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Rooting OnePlus2 using Ubuntu.

Before you get started, let me tell you that rooting is a simple 15 mins process but it can make your life very difficult if you don’t know what you are doing so be very very careful. I did it successfully using my ubuntu 16.04 machine. This is a very brief guide to what  I did. 

Hi everyone,

So 2 days back I decided to root my oneplus 2. My phone is now 10 months old and OnePlus has some rooting friendly policies, click here for more info regarding OnePlus policies.

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