Upgrades are slow on ubuntu? Try this.

Hi everyone,

I’m a Ubuntu fan like many other people. Ubuntu is a free OS and comes with its own baggage of problems but so does Windows even though its paid. I started using Ubuntu after I came to college.

Slow upgrade in ubuntu is one major problem. Try “apt-fast”, I promise it will solve this problem for you forever. Apt-fast is under development from 2011 but its recent releases are very stable and ready to be used by masses. I’m expecting ubuntu to integrate it into their upcoming releases. I have been testing this tool for over a month now and it has turned out to be a blessing for me. In case if you want to check it out  you can read the results and details below.

Apt-fast official github repository: https://github.com/ilikenwf/apt-fast. Here you can find all the details about its installation. Installation is not at all difficult and would hardly take 5 minutes. Using apt-fast you can do everything that you can do using apt-get

Once you are done installing you just have to run “sudo apt-fast upgrade” instead of “sudo apt-get upgrade” and “sudo apt-fast install * ” instead of “sudo apt-get install *”

I decided to take some speed screenshots while I was running “sudo apt-fast upgrade” command. Results are just amazing. I never got speed like this before while upgrading.

screenshot-from-2016-12-03-09-25-02 screenshot-from-2016-12-03-09-25-48