I am ashamed of this.

Uttar Pradesh is my hometown and trust me it’s the worst place to be if you are woman. This is not exaggeration in any sense, I am being generous when I say bad.

Recently a video got viral on social media in which we can see a few men assaulting a woman. I don’t care why the fight broke out. I don’t care about who was right and who was wrong. 2 men beating up a woman in broad daylight with sticks, wow, that’s the law and order we are talking about in Uttar Pradesh.

Dear Akhilesh Yadav, I am ashamed to have been born in that state. There is so much wrong about that place. How does a person even get guts to do this in broad daylight? This shows the mentality people have in that state. They don’t fear the law and order because there is no law and order. The culprits will stay in hiding till the issue is in media and then once media stops sharing it they will come back as if nothing happened.

I am from Uttar Pradesh and I have seen a lot of people like this in my home town. The problem is with the mentality that people have there. For a few men it is very difficult to accept the equality of women. I have seen how difficult it is for women to even have access to proper education because every time they walk out of the house they have to face guys like these who pass vulgar comments and they can’t do anything but ignore it and walk because if they report it, they will be the ones who will be questioned about their clothing and character.

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