In quest of the perfect ROM for my OnePlus 2

Oxygen OS was great till OnePlus stopped maintaining it for OnePlus 2. They keep pushing regular updates for OnePlus 3 and 3T but it seems they have completely forgotten OP2. The only updates they do for OP2 is security patches and that too after delay of months. Android Noughat seems to be completely out of sight in the near future.

In short, I need to shift to some different ROM for my OP2. I have done this before, I have shifted to CM13 earlier and everything was going great until Cyanogenmod decided to shut down (Wow). And from then on I am stuck with Oxygen OS which keeps sucking my battery (and my life too). I have pro version of Greenify which helps a lot but then it’s still a pain.

I did try shifting to Resurrection Remix mod and Lineage OS in Feb but at that time they were not stable at all. I used to face random reboots during phone calls. After having a lot of it in Lineage OS  I shifted to Oxygen. Then I shifted to Resurrection Remix which was also working fine for a couple of days until my phone decided to randomly reboot and it never turned on after that – again wow. So basically after all this mess I was stuck with Oxygen OS again.

So again after waiting for a few months I finally decided to give Lineage OS a try. I have been very careful regarding shifting this time cause it simply wastes too much time. I followed the OnePlus forums and understood what other users felt before deciding to shift to Lineage OS.

So it’s been around 24 hours since I’ve installed it already and things are going great so far. Battery is amazing, performance is amazing and all is good 😀 The only downside is that VoLTE is not working and I have no idea how to fix that. For most users on OnePlus forum it works right after flashing but it seems I am missing out on something. I have some travel plans coming up and it will be interesting to see how Lineage OS fairs up. I don’t want to end up getting stuck somewhere because of my OS 😀 I am keeping the backups handy so that I can  rollback to Oxygen OS in case if something goes wrong. Will keep updating this article.


Lineage OS has been great so far. I have been travelling for past 2 days and it is giving me excellent battery life and is very reliable. I am using navigation all the time and gps is working really well. I use google fit and it is also working seamlessly. Till now I couldn’t find anything buggy. I have not come across any random reboots till now and I feel that i have finally got the ROM I was lookoing for. Let’s see how it goes in coming weeks.

UPDATE : 15th March 2017

I am still using Lineage OS for more than 20 days now and it is going strong. Good battery life, good performance and no shocks. One drawback is that the camera app is not as good as the one provided by OnePlus. I am using OpenCamera and I’m satisfied with the performance. I strongly recommend OP2 users to shift to Lineage OS. 🙂