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Clutch then Brake or Brake then clutch?

Well, if you have been driving for long time then I am sure you must have heard about this question many times.

I have explored this a lot, tried both strategies in after all that all my conclusions are here:

  • Brake first always when you are driving on highway or at higher speeds (above 40-50 km/h) consistently
  • In city – mix between brake first and clutch first as per your comfort.  
  • Get your leg off clutch whenever possible – even when you are in city 
  • Always always brake first when driving downhill.

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If you drive responsibly then do you suck at driving? Not really.

Today while driving back from Koramangala to Electronic City I was mocked by a friend of mine for driving slow (For the record, I was driving at above 80 kmph on a road which had a speed limit of 80kmph, and by the way no one cares about the speed limit in India ). I was amazed by the fact that it was so difficult for him to understand the fact that there’s a line between being a good driver and being a stupid driver. It saddens me how I have been mocked so many times for lecturing people regarding road safety. In India, we are taught to neglect road safety everyday. Continue reading

Planning a road trip with your Hyundai? This might help.

Holidays are coming and its travel time for me. i have had some bad experience with my i10 in the past so I wanted to be informed about the cities from where Hyundai provides road assistance.

I went to Hyundai’s official website to find out cities in which Hyundai has presence. Please note that this info matters a lot to you if you are going on a long route because if something goes wrong with your vehicle in the middle of the road then you will need road side assistance. While planning your road trips you should always take this factor into account. Continue reading

Reliance Jio on the Highway

Yesterday I went for a long drive from Bangalore(Karnataka) to Penukonda (Andhra Pradesh).

I have been using reliance jio 4g for more than 4 months now but never got a chance to test it on the highways far off from cities. So yesterday I decided to test it out. I did not take any speed tests or screenshot as such because I was not thinking of blogging about it but today I thought it’s worth it.

You can see the blue route in the map below. I followed this exact route and I had seamless 4g connectivity. At some places network was poor but that was very rare. Continue reading