Network-Stat Project

I recently started another open source project Network-Stat. Here’s some info about my project.

What is network-stat?

Network stat is a collection of scripts which collects different internet quality parameters from user systems. It can be used by organizations to monitor the quality of service for their users. After collecting this data, it can be analyzed to understand how the network is performing from client’s perspective. We can probably answer questions like these:

  • Is everyone getting good wifi strength?
  • How is the signal strength affecting the latency.
  • Which wifi band is performing better?
  • How does network quality vary across campus.
  • Has any access point malfunctioned?
  • Should the access point be replaced?
  • Client’s wifi drivers are outdated or wifi device is malfunctioned. and more.

It is a project under development and is not ready to use.

What we want to do with the data collected?

Analyze the collected data to:

  • Identify malfunctioned/misconfigured access points in the network.
  • Identify hosts with poor Internet connectivity
  • Idnetify hosts having problems with wifi drivers or wifi adapter.
  • Identify hosts

Currently it’s a very amateur project and has a lot of work yet to be done. Thankfully I have got some good contributors from IIITB who are contributing to it. Since this is my first big python project, I am trying to understand what would be a good architecture for it. Suggestions are always welcome. Also if you know projects similar to this then do let me know in the comments section. Thanks 🙂




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