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Bashhub will change your life!

What if you are in a directory in your computer and you want to know all the commands you have typed in that directory? What if you wanted to access that long command which you typed on to your computer around 4 months ago which fixed your problems? What if you want to search the commands you typed in your home pc whlie you are working on your work laptop? Continue reading

Using fitbit on Oneplus 5T

I started using Fitbit Blaze in November 2017. The moment I got the new watch I realised that it the watch is not officially compatible with my Oneplus 5T. I didn’t know this before buying the watch. After struggling a lot for a few days and browsing through online forums for solutions I finally found one and it has been working really for more than 4 months for me now.

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GSOC 2017 Results

After GSOC results were out I had the following questions in my mind :

  • How many people cleared it this time?
  • Which organisation had maximum number of students?
  • Which technologies were students most interested in?
  • Which country had maximum number of selections?
  • Which college had maximum number of selections?

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Understanding Linux: Week 1: Linux vs Unix

For the starters, before getting into the intricacies of Linux I decided to clarify properly a confusion between Unix and Linux which I always had (I am being honest). Linux literature everywhere is full of references from Unix and so it is important to understand the difference which is indeed very small. I am pretty sure there are many Linux users out there who never cared to find it out (same as me), this could help them. Continue reading

1 week after LASIK

This is continuation of my post : 1 week before LASIK.

So I had my lasik done on 24th Feb 2017. My LASIK story is not a very happy one, sadly :D. I knew there are a lot of complications related to LASIK before undergoing the surgery but I was stressing myself a lot with all those complications and then decided to have it done anyway irrespective of the complications involved because my surgeon mentioned that I’m a good candidate for LASIK. Continue reading