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Rooting OnePlus2 using Ubuntu.

Before you get started, let me tell you that rooting is a simple 15 mins process but it can make your life very difficult if you don’t know what you are doing so be very very careful. I did it successfully using my ubuntu 16.04 machine. This is a very brief guide to what  I did. 

Hi everyone,

So 2 days back I decided to root my oneplus 2. My phone is now 10 months old and OnePlus has some rooting friendly policies, click here for more info regarding OnePlus policies.

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Fastest way to get started with OpenDaylight

What is OpenDaylight?

As per wikipedia:

The OpenDaylight Project is a collaborative open source project hosted by The Linux Foundation. The goal of the project is to accelerate the adoption of software-defined networking (SDN) and create a solid foundation for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). The software is written in Java.

Sometimes installation of these tools can get a little difficult since they are not very well documented.

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Getting started with OpenVSwitch

There are different blogs available online which talk about how to get started with openvswitch but they don’t tell you much about the technicalities. They just give you a whole bunch of commands and somehow all of it works but if the scenario is changed a little then nothing works out. So here’s my attempt to clarify things a little more.

Here’s what I am trying to do  :

  1. Install OpenVSwitch on my system.
  2. Create 2-3 Virtual Machines and connect them directly to the network which host is a part of. That means my VM will become part of the actual Network and can be reached by any system on my LAN.

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Were networks and websites much easier to hack 5+ years ago?

Repost of my  Quora Answer:

Yes they were because of multiple reasons:

10 years ago Internet had started spreading fast. Since it was a new technology people started adopting it like mad (at least in India that was the time when people started getting crazy about it). But little did they realize that with technology came bugs. A lot of it was replicated into many systems. Those who made Internet never expected Internet to be used the way people started to use it. Banking, ticket booking, form applications, INTERNET started getting everywhere and so did the bugs. As these bugs started surfacing up, it became impossible to patch them up completely . These bugs were exposed on Internet for everyone to view and try them for free. People did start trying. Many countries didn’t even have a formaly cyber security laws in place at that time.

For Example:
Even though https was formally specified in 2000 itself, its widespread use started only in around 2008 when facebook started pushing it (as far as I recollect, correct me if wrong).
New Firefox add-on hijacks Facebook, Twitter sessions    
This is when everyone started hacking Facebook, Twitter 😀 – so by 2010 every major site had to shift to https.

Moral of the long story:
Internet was not made for what it is used today. Noone knew that Internet will be what it is today – it evolved and evolved fast, so did the technology. Mistakes were made and we learned from our own mistakes. Internet today is much safer than it was anytime before.

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Can google find my stolen phone?

I hope you are all aware of Google’s Device Manager Feature. You can access your device manager using this link. Device manager allows you to ring your phone, remotely wipe it, etc, etc. But what if someone steals your phone? The first thing that they will do with your phone is to wipe it and do a hard reset (unless they are interested in getting your data). Once a phone is reset google account in the phone also gets deleted and there’s no way that your Device Manager account can communicate with it. Continue reading