GSoC Blog : First 10 days.

So I started my GSoC (Google Summer of Code) work on May 30. It’s been a fun experience so far and this blog is about what I did so far and where I am headed right now, the problems faced, the good and the bad.

A brief description of my organisation : I am doing my GSoC under Amahi. Amahi makes home servers to make networking simpler for home users. You can run amahi server in your home and it takes care of backing up all your devices and providing some really advanced features.

Anyways, getting further

Setting things up

So the first week was all about making things work properly on a Fedora 25 Virtual Machine. It was indeed a time taking task but once figured out I wrote a blog about it which helped others to set things up in speed.

Here’s the blog I wrote to help people getting started with installation: Amahi Server Installation

Amahi is composed of many things but it’s main web platform is built over ruby on rails. So primarily I am working on ruby on rails and docker.

The problem statement

So most of the work was spent over making the problem statement more clear. My project is this.  The main objective of my project is to integrate docker inside Amahi to make installation of apps easier.  Till now, I have spent time discussing with my mentors various approaches that we can take to solve this problem and different problems that we might face.

Here’s a brief report prepared by me which discusses what approach and we can take for docker integration, their benefits and drawbacks.

Where am I right now?

So right now I am working on my first milestone of making a simple app work in a containerized environment. Till now I have been able to build a good proof of concept and next 1 month I think I will be spending on integrating it for production use and extending it to more advanced applications.

Where am I headed?

I am learning a lot about docker and containerization. I am glad that I got an opportunity to explore this amazing technology as part of my GSoC internship.