Planning a road trip with your Hyundai? This might help.

Holidays are coming and its travel time for me. i have had some bad experience with my i10 in the past so I wanted to be informed about the cities from where Hyundai provides road assistance.

I went to Hyundai’s official website to find out cities in which Hyundai has presence. Please note that this info matters a lot to you if you are going on a long route because if something goes wrong with your vehicle in the middle of the road then you will need road side assistance. While planning your road trips you should always take this factor into account.

Anyways, so in the Hyundai’s official website I had to select State and then city to find out list of cities. There was no way to see all the service centres on a single map. Interface was quite complex but I wanted to see all the cities on the map . So i wrote a small script to gather all the city, state names where Hyundai road assistance has a presence and then I made a map from the info which I got.

Please note that the markers are not at the exact location of the workshop, they are just pointing to cities which have Hyundai workshops. I am modifying my script to get exact list and location of workshops as well but till then, this info might help.

Hyundai Toll Free Number: 18001024645

If you want the script which i used to extract this data then you can find it here.