1 week before LASIK

I have been wearing glasses for more than 10 years now. My glass prescription is at around -6.0. If you are someone who wears glasses then you know how painful that might be. I started with -1.5 prescription when was around 11 and from then it kept increasing and now I am almost blind without my glasses.

I have been thinking of getting LASIK for over 6 months now. I have to agree that having LASIK is not an easy decision to take. There are so many complications. I get scared when docs talk about these things in terms of probability. Even if it’s 99%, what about that one person who might suffer? Well it’s not like you will loose your vision or something but an unsuccessful operation means that you might have to wear glasses of lower prescription even after your operation. There can also be night vision issues which can cause a lot of discomfort.

So finally after all that thinking I have finalised 24th Feb (Friday) as my operation date. All checkups have been done and they say that I am “good” candidate for LASIK. Please note that not everyone can get LASIK. There are some tests your eyes need to pass in order to be a good candidate for the operation. But don’t worry, there are a very few people who get rejected.

Doctor has explained me all the complications and has told me to be mentally prepared for it. There can be many post LASIK complications, mainly the dryness and glare during night. Almost all the problems disappear with time but the recovery period can vary from person to person.

First few days after the operation can get difficult and so I am preparing myself for it. For me this operation means a lot. I am literally nothing without my glasses. I miss out on many things because of my glasses. I have heard a lot good things about LASIK from many friends. Let’s hope it all goes well. I will update about my surgery and post surgery experience soon (If all goes well :D). All the best to me.

UPDATE: 22nd Feb 2017 
I have started my pre operation medication as suggested by doctors. Operation is due day after tomorrow. Till now I have read 100s of articles on LASIK online and have also explored many videos on YouTube. I’m nervous. 😀

UPDATE: 26th Feb 2017
I had my surgery done on 24th Feb at around 5:30PM. It’s been almost 48 hours and I’m doing really great. My prescription is 0 now and I have no issues outdoors. Right now I do have a bit of glare during night and dizzy vision in low light. My next follow up is due on coming Friday and by that time I hope it all gets ok. I will write a detailed blog about my entire experience in a few days. Right now I am trying to keep myself away from computers as much as possible.



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