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Can google find my stolen phone?

I hope you are all aware of Google’s Device Manager Feature. You can access your device manager using this link. Device manager allows you to ring your phone, remotely wipe it, etc, etc. But what if someone steals your phone? The first thing that they will do with your phone is to wipe it and do a hard reset (unless they are interested in getting your data). Once a phone is reset google account in the phone also gets deleted and there’s no way that your Device Manager account can communicate with it. Continue reading

Reliance Jio, is all that fuss worth it?

Hi guys,

I finally got my hands on to reliance jio a week back. I have been using it since then and here’s my detailed review on it.  For those who don’t want to read through the long boring review, here’s  a shorter one:

Go get it if you can, it’s completely worth it. 

For all those who want to read through, here’s the detailed review. Continue reading