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Understanding Linux: Week 1: Linux vs Unix

For the starters, before getting into the intricacies of Linux I decided to clarify properly a confusion between Unix and Linux which I always had (I am being honest). Linux literature everywhere is full of references from Unix and so it is important to understand the difference which is indeed very small. I am pretty sure there are many Linux users out there who never cared to find it out (same as me), this could help them. Continue reading

1 week after LASIK

This is continuation of my post : 1 week before LASIK.

So I had my lasik done on 24th Feb 2017. My LASIK story is not a very happy one, sadly :D. I knew there are a lot of complications related to LASIK before undergoing the surgery but I was stressing myself a lot with all those complications and then decided to have it done anyway irrespective of the complications involved because my surgeon mentioned that I’m a good candidate for LASIK. Continue reading